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Dataklinik Associates Nigeria Limited has the experience and skills to service your organization’s requirements.

IT Project Management

We have significant experience in managing IT projects because of previous IT projects undertaken working with various frontline firms, financial institutions and multinational corporations across the globe. Our Project managers are seasoned IT professionals with global project management experience; they closely monitor projects and provide regular updates to give you complete project visibility.

IT Infrastructure Management and Services
We have experience in selecting and managing IT infrastructure and services. We also offer Internet Business advisory services, document storage and management and data mining services.

IT Audit & Due Diligence Services
We are highly experienced in IT systems audit /due diligence to improve efficiency levels and for merger and acquisitions reasons.  

On Demand Consulting

Fulfills your resource need by providing you with the technical or functional expertise that meets your requirements and project scope. Our Consulting Services begin by advising on local and business process reengineering issues before your project actually starts. Our solutions tangibly transform your business, improving your company’s performance and results.

Staff Contracting Staff

Contracting is an excellent option for businesses that have long-term resource requirements. You can cost effectively contract the senior-level functional or technical resources you need from us. Our staff members are subject matter experts, and they are continually updating their expertise, credentials, and certifications.