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These books “Computer Studies for Junior Secondary Schools “Books 1 – 3” are targeted at Junior Secondary Schools and written in line with the Federal Ministry of Education National Curriculum for JSS 1 – 3 on Computer Studies as released by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

The textbooks have been specifically written for Nigerian Schools to enhance the teaching and learning of computer studies and also to encourage the children to find out more about the computer and develop themselves. Appropriate language is used for each book to reflect the target audience and the contents structured to include theory, exercises and hands on practical sessions.

It is in our interest to ensure that our children are given a good foundation in this all-important subject that has become a basic economic tool. To do this effectively requires not only the availability of good teachers, but also a good textbook on the subject.

These books are intended to serve as an introductory text and resource material in Junior Secondary Education to provide the required foundation.

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